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How Big Is Your Vision?

About Mike Boyd

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I have spent best part of the last 15 years trying to get over the thrill of building businesses, yet I still jump out of bed 7 days a week to do what I love.

From startup, to growth-stage and ultimately a well positioned exit or IPO, I’m interested in every stage of the business cycle.

I stay creative by building, consulting and investing in various businesses and love nothing more than negotiating a great win-win deal.

I believe that entrepreneurship is the most effective path to changing the world so I give back by applying my time and skills to worthy not-for-profit organisations and charities.


Since mid-2012 I’ve lead the great company VroomVroomVroom as CEO.

Vroom compares and books car rental online at destinations all over the world. We’ve recently grown the team to 40+ people across 6 countries.

VroomVroomVroom is a tightly held private company with annual turnover in excess of AUD $70Million. Our HQ is in Brisbane, Australia with regional operations based out of the UK, USA and Philippines.

There’s still so much we can achieve at Vroom and I’m very excited about what lies ahead in the future.

I wear “three hats” in this company: Shareholder, Director of the Board and CEO.

Work with me?

• Are you an ideal employee, partner or supplier for VroomVroomVroom?
• Do you have a proven startup that needs growth funding or guidance?
• Do you need a speaker for your business, leadership or travel function?
• Would you like to do a deal? I love deals.
• Are you actively changing the world? Doing something new? Crazy even? Drop me a line.


• My team affectionately refers to me as a coffee snob.
• I’m a frequent flyer and an aviation buff.
• I value education 100x more than entertainment.
• I consume 30 – 40 non-fiction business books and biographies each year.
• A nice bottle of red wine solves most challenges & celebrates all wins.